FLEXVAC Mobile Direct Source Capture Kit for HealthPro Air Purifiers

Original price was: R18,000.00.Current price is: R15,000.00.

Only FlexVac Kit (Excludes HealthPro Air Purifier)

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FlexVac Installation



The FlexVac kit converts any IQAir compact stand-alone filtration device into a mobile, self-contained source
capture system. The flexible FlexAir™ seduction duct can be positioned precisely to capture gases, fumes,
vapours, odours, dust particles and microorganisms directly at the source.
Since the FlexVac kit is compatible with all IQAir compact stand-alone filtration devices, the system can
easily be configured to capture contaminants generated by processes in a wide variety of applications and
environments including:

• Laser surgery
• Mercury vapor control
• Chemical compund control
• Powder dust control
• Infection control
• Dental surgeries and labs

Computer & Electronic
• Hand soldering
• Wave soldering
• Dedrossing
• Laser marking
• Dust control
• Odour control

• Plastic welding
• Injection molding
• Gluing
• Laser cutting
• Solvent control
• Dust control

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